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Hampi : Tenali's Wonderful Town

  Today, we are going to explore a city that was once the center of a very powerful empire in south India. Have you heard of hampi ? It was the ancient capital of the empire of Vijaynagram, which in those days combined the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. So, let's take a little trip there, shall we ??
         Hampi, in the state of Karnataka, is listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Today, unfortunately, Hampi is in ruins most of the monuments and buildings are broken. Even then, it is still a strikingly beautiful place. Dotted around the hills and valleys are over 500 monuments. Among them are the remnants of beautiful temples, magnificent palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, royal platforms, treasury buildings...And so on.
          Hampi has a history eating back to 1336 ad. This ancient capital was a major trading center  The rulers encouraged progress in art and religion. The most famous king was king Krishnadevraya (1509-1529 ad) of the Tuluva dynasty. And yes, this is the same Krishnadevaraya whose courtier was the witty Tenali Raman. During Krishnadevaraya's regime, the empire reached its peak. Hampi was finally destroyed by a terrible was between the Vijaynagar empire and northern invaders.

Hampi : Tenali's Wonderful Town

Important Sites

Tenali Raman's Pavilion :
          A pavilion named after the witty minister in Krishnadevaraya's court.

Hampi Bazaar :
          The Hampi bazaar, 35 yards wife and nearly 800 yards long, was known to be a "very beautiful street with very beautiful houses"

Virupaksha Temple :
          It rises majestically at the western end of the famous Hampi bazaar. The temple has a 120 feet talk tower on its eastern entrance. The temple contains the shrines of Shiva, Pampa and Bhuvaneswari.

Vithala Temple Complex :
          It is the most splendid monument of Hampi with its 56 musical pillars. To the east of the hall is the famous stone chariot with stone wheels that actually revolve.

King's Balance :
          This is where kings were weighed against grain, hold or money, which was them distributed to the poor.

Queen's Bath :
          A swimming pool, 50 feet long and 6 feet deep, with arched corridors, projecting balconies and lotus-shared fountains that once sprouted perfumed water.

Hampi : Tenali's Wonderful Town

Hampi : Tenali's Wonderful Town


Hampi festival (November) -

 This is the largest festival at Hampi. The celebrations hocked music, dance, puppet shows, fireworks and a grand processions showcasing the cultural richness of the place.

Purandaradasa Aradhanana (January/February) -

  This is principally a classical musical festival. The festival is held every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of the ancient poet Purandaradasa who lived in hampi.
People visiting hampi can either wall through the ruins or hire a bicycle or car. It requires a minimum of at least 2 days to do justice to hampi and its magnificent monuments.

How To Get There?

          The nearest airstrip is at Tornagallu in Sandur Taluk which is 32 km from Hospet. Bangalore based air-charter operator, Taneja aerospace and aviation ltd (taal) drive sightseeing chapter flights to Hampi and Mysore
          The second nearest airport is Bellary (74 km)
          Other convenient airports are at Belgaum (190 km) and Bangalore (353 km)

          Hospet is the nearest rail head (13 km). Hospet is linked by rail to Bangalore, Bijapur, Hubli and Guntakal.

          Hampi is 350 km from Bangalore. KSRTC buses ply regularly from Hospet.

Best Time To Visit
         October to March

(Caution - do not visit the ruins at night, as there may be thieves around. Return to your hotel before sundown. In the bazaar and ruins, beware of pickpockets and also, monkeys! Do not descend into the river Tungabhadra, which has extremely rapid currents.)

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