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8 Important Lessons from Temple Run

Do you know that Temple Run game not only entertains us, but also there are some secret lessons hidden behind the scenes? These lessons are important as well as enough able to encourage our abilities and skills.

As we all know Temple Run is a popular game which is created by Imangi studios, and it is downloaded more than 170 million times for Android an ios devices. The game is simple, but the animation and graphics make the elements eye catching and beautiful. Do you know that not only this game entertains us, but also there are some secret lessons hidden behind the scenes? These lessons are important as well as enough able to encourage our abilities and skills. 
8 Important Lessons from Temple Run

Let us see those lessons one by one, here we go:

1) Flexibility – While playing the game there are number of obstacles occurring in between the pathway of the character.  The character is supposed to successfully overcome from these obstacles, the interesting part is that the character can jump, lay on the ground and so on to overcome from those obstacles. The story of the real life is not different, also as in real life there are number of obstacles occurs day by day, In this situation we are supposed to overcome from those by imitating this feature of character. Flexibility will definitely play a key role in order to make life smooth and much easier.

2) Target & Chase Goals – The main task in this game is to chase the coins as well as other elements such as gems, spawns etc. The character is always engaged in collecting this stuff in order to increase his abilities. While comparing this situation with the real life, we can find our target and goals irrespective what is the term expected to archive them. The best part is after targeting the goals it becomes easy to chase, as one is sure that what is to be archived. We should spend comparatively less time in targeting the goals, but should focus on how to archive the goal.

3) No U turn is allowed - Coming straight to the point, you might have observed, what the character is doing in the whole game, he is running and running and just running this means no break is allowed this character cannot take U-turn from start to end. This purely highlights the significant importance of the time factor. While living the life, there is also no U-turn allowed means if we are losing the time it’s not going to come back at all, thus the street means the time factor in this game.

4) Rewards – There is no shortcut available in the whole game but yes, there are many rewards waiting for you throughout the pathway. For example,let us take the train, while travelling through the train the journey is not smooth but it’s enough entertaining and challenge able too.  After collecting few coins the character gets the shield to prevent from the obstacles but this shield doesn’t lasts long, there is predefined duration for this and which is upgradable. Let us compare this with real life, as we work hard we get some rewards but as we work smart, there are much more chances of getting the rewards. The key secret of getting the rewards lie in the work strategy.  Hard work takes comparatively long time, but smart work can be easily performed in less time, both deserves the rewards.

5) Upgrade – The best part in Temple Run game is the feature of an upgrade. We know that up gradation is the method of increasing potentials, skills, power etc. In this game the upgrade refers to increase in power of running, increasing a shield duration, boosting the distance etc. In personal life up gradation is necessary in
8 Important Lessons from Temple Run
order to manage personal growth, the aspects may be education, skills and other things but the up gradation is must having phenomenon when their growth is expected.

6) Save Me- Another beautiful feature from the game which helps to get a bonus life. When the character collects a gem, he can securely play the game, when he loses his life, he can ask for another (bonus) life with a replacement of the gem. Coming back to the real life, let us assume good work and good relations as gem. When we find ourselves in trouble, we can definitely ask our friends or relatives for the help which is similar to another (bonus) life for the character from the Temple run.

7) Power Meter – This is a feature under upgrade menu. While talking about a game, the various powers (such as coin magnet, score multiplier etc) are required to this character in order to smoothly complete his unending journey, power meter helps him to manage/increase duration of the acquired powers, In real life also we require some powers to overcome from the health, wealth etc. related problems we are supposed to increase our powers with the comfortable and convenient methods, for example we can increase health powers with the regular exercises which may be yoga, gymnastics etc. For wealth related problems we can take precautions such as savings, smart investments and so on.

8) Stay Alert – The main character from the game is a thief,and a gorilla (another character who is the guard of a temple) is engaged in catching the thief, but this chase carries till the character is alert and running, but a small mistake finishes the whole game. Same story about the life, small unimportant obstacles can be prove enough irritating to catch our attention and which may lead the to lack of our concentration toward the defined goal. Sometimes we may give extreme importance to the negligible things rather than necessary things which turn into obstacles afterwards, so it is highly advisable to stay attentive in the every situation.

So these are the 8 lessons from the Temple Run game, which we found enough important to face the various situations in the life more effectively.


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Infobulb : Knowledge Is Supreme: 8 Important Lessons from Temple Run
8 Important Lessons from Temple Run
Do you know that Temple Run game not only entertains us, but also there are some secret lessons hidden behind the scenes? These lessons are important as well as enough able to encourage our abilities and skills.
Infobulb : Knowledge Is Supreme
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